No Dig Pipe Repairs In Bristol

Repair cracked sewers or drains efficiently with a system of no dig pipe repairs in Bristol. These systems patch and reline drain systems, without the need for excavation. The Pipe Doctor is our supplier of choice for no dig pipe repair kits, as their high performance systems repair underground pipes for watertight, permanent solutions. Drain lining is a trenchless no dig repair technique that saves money, time and minimises disruption. Get in touch with us today if you would like to discuss our prices or place an order.

Pipe Doctor Patch Repair Kits

Our patch repair kits from The Pipe Doctor have everything required for individual repairs. Contractors will need to collect a repair kit, as opposed to inspecting and and ordering every component required. We have kits available to repair both swept bends and straight pipes, including:

  • Original kits for straight pipes available for 550mm & 1m length patches, in Winter or Summer resin formulations, from DN70-560, and larger if needed.
  • Rapid kit for straight pipes with Rapid resin formulation, for quicker cure times on DN100, 150 & 225 pipes. We would advise using this kit for repairs within 15 metres of a manhole. The Rapid resin formulation has its very own WRc approval:PT/397/0217.
  • Radius kits for 600mm patch repairs to swept bends on DN100, DN150 & DN225 diameter pipes.The Radius kit will need to be used with a specially designed radius packers to form a smooth finish on bends inside the pipeline.

Benefits Of a No Dig Pipe Repair System

Just a few benefits of a no dig pipe repair system include:

How it Works: No Dig Pipe and Drain Relining

No dig drain repairs involve:

  • Soaking liners with a substantial layer of special wet resin
  • The still-wet liner is then drawn through the broken pipe
  • The liner is inflated until it is flushed against the insides
  • Hot water bonds the wet resin against the old pipe flush, tightly fixing to it
  • Next, take away the inflatable liner, leaving the dry cured resin as a thick new lining inside broken pipes
  • Laterally joined pipes can be opened up via a cutting robot

Drain Maintenance

No dig or trenchless technology refers to the science of fitting, replacing and fixing pipes below ground, without the need for excavation.

You will be glad to hear that lining solutions are suitable for the majority of drain scenarios, such as offset joints and displaced pipes, as well as collapsed or leaking sewers. Drain lining can also repair damage caused by foundation concrete, tree root ingress or debris, and is appropriate for drains that would be challenging to excavate or reach.

A CCTV survey will help you determine the severity of the fault in the piping.

Contact Us For No Dig Pipe Repairs In Bristol

If you think that your sewer or drain could be broken, get in touch with us today to discuss our no dig pipe repairs in Bristol.

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