A Guide To Fascias And Soffits

fascias & soffits

Fascias and soffits provide several decorative and functional purposes to a home. They’re one of the first components of a roof that you see when you look up and can be made from a number of different materials depending on the style of your home. No roof is complete without a fascia or soffit. Even if you own a thatch roof, you’ll need one of these features to complete your property.

So, what are fascias and soffits, and what do they do?

To help you understand the reason for installing them, and what they are, we’ve put together this guide to fascias and soffits to help clarify some key features.

What Is A Soffit?

A soffit can be identified as the underside of your roofline. It covers the void between your final row of roof tiles and the exterior walls. Wood, aluminium, plastic and even composite materials can be used to craft a solid soffit. The product you choose will depend on the overall design of your home.


The Benefits Of Soffits

Soffit boards are great for multiple reasons. They’re a decorative feature but they also provide an important utility to how your roof functions. Often overlooked as just a visual component, you would start to see issues arise without them. Please see below for a more detailed insight.

Ventilation & Support

Soffits themselves do not provide ventilation. However, they do provide the ability to install vents and other ventilation features that can help circulate air throughout your roof space. Not only that, but they also give support for the final row of tiles on your roof. If you experience bad weather, birds or other pests hanging out on your roof’s edge, the soffit will help prevent any breakages.


First of all, a well-crafted soffit looks fantastic. Carpenters and roofers will be proficient in creating a soffit out of your desired materials to match your home. There’s a wide array of colours and styles to choose from and you’d be surprised at how much better your home can look with renewed soffit boards.

What Are Fascias & What Do They Do?

A Fascia is similar to a soffit, the only difference is that it runs vertically along the front of the roofline. It’s easy to get confused and see them as the same thing. However, although they serve a similar purpose, they are often relied upon to complement each other. A soffit provides support only if the fascia board is attached vertically to the face of the roofline. Additionally, a fascia can help to cover structural components such as roof beams. Both would be redundant without each other, so it’s essential to consider the functionality and aesthetic of both when you’re looking to renew your roofline.


Choose ADL Building Plastics For Quality Fascias & Soffits

If you’re looking to replace or renew your roofline, and you’re considering a high-quality vinyl or plastic product, get in touch with one of our experts today.


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fascias & soffits

A Guide To Fascias And Soffits

Fascias and soffits provide several decorative and functional purposes to a home. They’re one of the first components of a roof that you see when

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