Drainage Solutions Guide For All Purposes

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There are plenty of drainage solutions on the market today. Products have been developed to ensure water is managed properly overground, underground and at surface level. Let’s take a look at some of the options you might consider for each application.

Underground Drainage Solutions

Drainage solutions for underground fluid management tends to consist of pipes and their corresponding fittings. The purpose of underground drainage is usually to carry waste away from properties – namely sewage and wastewater. It’s important that these systems are watertight and directed to the correct outlets, as you could be breaking the law otherwise.

Most underground pipes are composed of PVC nowadays, as it’s strong, robust and reliable. The industry standard is to make these pipes in a terracotta shade, so they’re easy to identify at a glance.

Overground Drainage Solutions

Overground drainage solutions are more commonly known as roofline products. These systems consist of fascias, gutters and soffits. They’re fitted around the perimeter of the roof, and serve to carry rainwater away from the property. Without adequate overground drainage, the roof could suffer water ingress and become damaged.

Most overground drainage pipes are uPVC or PVC, and they can come in a range of colours. Because they’re visible features on most properties, thought should be given to which colour you choose.

Soil pipe

Surface Level Drainage

At surface level, water management is crucial. Drains, grids, manhole covers and gratings can be fitted to ensure rain water and other fluids don’t build up. These systems can prevent flooding and other costly problems from occurring.

Drain Maintenance

To ensure your drains don’t become blocked or overflow, regular maintenance should be carried out. We stock a range of cleaning machines, cables, brushes and repair kits. These are gentle enough to work with most pipe materials, while still effective at clearing up any problems.

For Drainage Solutions, Choose ADL Building Plastics

We offer a range of products that can help with all manner of drainage issues. Get in touch today or visit our store to discover more about our products.


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